Friday, 4 November 2016

Repair your Broken Phone or Replace it?

Every one of us has faced that one time when one of the most precious possession of life that is a cell phone has broken down. In fact, some of us have a drawer full of broken cell phones that might be in the need of repair. The fact here is, cell phone loses its value with every day, and hence, you need to either get it repaired before the value of your phone declines.  

Is Replacing the Phone is the Only Option?
 Replacing the phone is quite an exciting solution as many of the cell phone providers do come with old cell phones. There are times when old phones perform better than the new ones. The worst part is to assume that new things are always going to work in a better way. This is a myth as with new phone, you will have to learn something new and with old phones, it is always so easy.

Repair vs. New Device Cost
Anytime you compare a new device vs. old device cost, the equation is quite clear. When you decide to buy new devices, it comes with many taxes and popularity cost. Once these phones cross the age of one year the value decreases gradually and that is where you can be benefited. Many people prefer exchanging their phone whenever a new model of their favourite brand is launched. This way, the blackberry accessories and blackberry parts are left with an abundant number of used phones. Even if these phones are slightly damaged, the repair cost is not too big.

After keeping a perfect margin, the blackberry phone repair service providers sell it at an affordable cost. It may cost you half of what you are thinking of spending on a new cell phone. The idea is quite clear if you want to replace a phone, do it with an old one.

What to do with Old phones?
The phone that is lying useless in your cupboard might be useful for someone else. Take it to your nearby Cellphone repair store and get it repaired. There are three options left for you when your device is repaired and turned into a new one. Keepit either for personal use and donate, or sell it with a great turnaround.

In all the three ways, there is a better use of the phone that was kept useless for so many years.

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