Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Few Reasons Your Kids Should not have a Cell Phone at a very Young Age

At what age you are planning to gift a cell phone to your kids. Whatever you decide make sure you have monitored the consequences given below.

Quite alarming, yet it is a fact that only 61% of youth utilize the privacy settings available on their Facebook accounts. Another harsh truth is 52% of them don’t bother about switching off the GPS services. That means you can’t sit back, assuming that your kid is never going to all these things. Rather, you need to talk to them and check their cell phone usage. Either don’t hand over the phone till the age they are able to distinguish between right and wrong or if you are giving him the phone, make sure, it is not hurting their privacy.

Online Security
Okay, so your kids are browsing the internet? The question here is what they are browsing? According to the blackberry phone repair experts, parents need to realize that cell phones are not only meant for talking these days, instead, but they are also being used for online browsing, social media, texting, and more. These phones are not the only options as PCs, Tablets, and iPads are also the options to access the internet.

Cyber Bullying
This one is being discussed at the third stage, but the fact here is – Cyber Bullying is one of the top reasons that cause us to stop giving our kids cell phones. The fact is not hidden that Cyber technologies repeatedly harass people and the extreme condition of it can even lead to death. According to the centers for disease Control and Prevention, there are 4,400 deaths every year. The chaotic part is – it doesn’t include the 440,000 unsuccessful attempts in it.

Anxiety and Stress
Some of the most reputed schools ban students from bringing cell phones. The sole reason behind this ban is the anxiety and distraction caused by cell phones. School authorities are often heard complaining about the lowered performance of students if they possess a cell phone. Moreover, studies have even found that a kid with access to technology is not accustomed to social life nicely. It acts as a bar for the growth of the kid.

At some level, the value of the cell phone and the Cell Phone Accessories depends on how you are using them, If used properly and with certain limitations, these cell phones can really be an advantage with the calculation, ebooks, and online information available. So, even if you have given cell phones to your kids, make sure they are using it properly.

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