Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Few Facts You Did Not Know About Motorola?

Motorola has been giving tough competition to the mobile industry for a long time and its excellence is still maintained in the industry. However, the Motorola users are unaware of the in-depth history of the existence of this company. How it came into the industry? How it changed the world of communication? Even though you will find various Motorola showrooms and Motorola cell phone repair shops around you, there are very few customers who tried to look back into the pages of Motorola History. Bringing back the old memories of Motorola, here we have 7 facts from the pages of history that you did not know:

  •   Motorola was the first company to invent the cellular phones and this discovery was made back in 1973. Under the guidance of Martin Cooper (the project manager of Motorola in 1973), Motorola invented the 800gms cell phone. However, this set was not launched and Motorola came up with another set in 1984. For the first time ever, this set was made available to the customers.

  •  In 1999, the company invented the first Smartphone that incorporated the excellent capability of web browsing, email, and alphanumeric messaging. The set was named iDEN i1000 and it created a boom in the market.

  •  Motorola was founded under the company name Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, but in 1947, it was launched by the name of Motorola. This was the time when Motorola first hit the communication market with the name Motorola.

  •      Helping the police official in the communication procedure, Motorola came up with car radios that helped the police officials in a two-way version of communication during patrolling. This invent was available for the officials before 1937 that is very before the invent of cell phones.

  •      The interesting fact is- Motorola not just concentrated on mobile devices, but it also took an active part in other parts of the manufacturing world. Even the radio used by Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 lunar module was manufactured by Motorola only. Of course, we can’t forget the legendary words "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

  •    It is great to recall the fact that even the first HDTV was launched by Motorola in 1990.

It has been years, yet Motorola has been providing excellent quality products and you will get a range of Motorola parts in Canada.

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